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Online Treatment Programs


Adrienne's Online Treatment Programs provide customized care for eating disorders, self esteem, anxiety, depression and general wellness.  Online treatment programs are designed to support clients, including those seeking a higher level and daily care, who wish to remain in their home environment and/or those who do not have access to local or affordable services.

Adrienne's online programs are delivered through a combination of e-mail, FaceTime, Skype and telephone contact, allowing for accessibility and flexibility. Your e-therapy sessions eliminate time spend commuting and waiting since you will be participating from the comfort of your own home, office or similarly convenient location.  

Treatment plans are established collaboratively with the client, in order to address each client’s goals for recovery. An in-depth assessment will be conducted online or in person to determine treatment needs and goals.  Treatment programs can include a combination of: online individual psychotherapy sessions, daily interaction and support, learning modules (including reading, writing and activites), access to group forums and support, etc.  Also, since Adrienne is also a Registered Yoga Teacher, treatment programs may also include customized breathwork (pranayama), guided meditations/visualizations and targeted yoga asana sequences. 

Clients will be responsible for their own medical stability.  In some cases, Adrienne will request documentation from your medical doctor to ensure that your condition(s) is/are sufficiently monitored.  E-therapy is not recommended for mental disorders involving active suicidal ideation and/or psychosis.  If your difficulties are of this sort, please request "in-person" therapy sessions with a psychologist or therapist in your area or visit your local hospital.

Following your e-therapy session, Adrienne is able to provide receipts for insurance purposes as a "therapist under the supervision" of a Registered Psychologist.  Your receipt will be mailed or scanned to you following your session. Please note that although services are available worldwide, Adrienne is qualified and registered to practice psychotherapy in Ontario, Canada. 

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